May 30, 2017
May 31, 2017

Bethlehem: The Complete Nativity Collection

I originally drew my inspiration for my nativity sets from sketches by a famous 19th century Czech painter, Mikolas Ales.  He was very poor as a child and couldn’t buy himself a nativity set, so he drew one.  As always, he found inspiration for his characters in his own village.

Bethlehem is the complete collection and includes the following as shown: Stable of your choice, Jesus with separate Cradle, Mary, Joseph, two Kings/Magi and one Wise Man/Magi with Camel, Donkey, two Palm Trees, Shepherd carrying Lamb with six Sheep, Butcher carrying Piglet with Pigs, Farmer carrying Goose with Geese, Farmer carrying melons, Farmer’s Wife carrying fish, Farmer’s Wife carrying turkey on platter, Farmer’s Wife carrying eggs, Farmer’s Wife carrying milk, Farmer’s Wife carrying apples, Farmer’s Wife carrying pie, Farmer’s Wife carrying Christmas bread, Baker carrying cake, Town Crier/Lamplighter, Flutist, Wanderer, Old Lady, Old Man with cane, and Boy and Girl.

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