In my homeland, Christmas was always my favorite time. It was all about family and our traditions, the smell of my mother’s Christmas cookies, and the tree, under which was a nativity scene that our family had kept for generations. I was expecting my first child a few months after my first Christmas in the USA, and I dearly missed and tried to replicate that old warm atmosphere for my new family in my new home for all our years to come…


Czech legend has it that when Jesus Christ was born, not only the three wise men came to greet him and bring him gifts, but common villagers also grabbed the best things they possessed and rushed to bring them to the Christ Child. The gifts they carried reflected their occupation and social standing: the Magi and their gifts; then the shepherd with his sheep; farmers bringing apples, baskets of eggs, jars of milk, a goose; the butcher bringing pigs; the baker bringing bread; and others with their various goods to honor and to bestow upon the little Baby Jesus.
This old legend not only has religious significance; it also continues to convey a powerful message to share and to be kind to each other, especially in times of need. I hope that portraying these common folk and including them in my nativity scenes reminds us all of this and promotes this spirit.


Handmade Christmas Nativity Set for Sale

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